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About Us

We are a group of passionate designers aiming to improve and enhance public speaking and presentation skills as non-native speakers of English.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance design talks and public speaking skills by practicing, sharing and learning during the interactive session with designers across the cities and industries.

  • Articulating design and design concepts 

  • Sharing public speech related techniques

  • Teaching design related methodologies, approach, trends, etc.

How it works

Prepared speech

You present a speech on a subject of your own choosing, from presentation tips and techniques to design methodologies and trends. Once you are done with your presentation, D.Talk audiences will then provide constructive feedback in writing. 

Impromptu Speaking

In this highly interactive activity, you will articulate a design work that you have never seen before with just one minute of preparation! Feeling excited already? We also have Q&A sessions after to make it look just like a real design walkthrough. 

Improve Presentation Skills

"The storyline is crucial. Being a good storyteller is important for designers in general. "

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Join us for an interactive workshop to practice your presentation and public speaking skills as a designer

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